We organize and coordinate any type of in-studio productions or on-location shoots.


  • Production:
    Organization and coordination of any type of in-studio productions or on-location shoots. Technical coordination, locations, equipment hire, equipment transport, people transfer, accommodation, permits…
    Production: head of production, runners, drivers. Technical and crew coordination
  • Transports:
    Transfers of people and equipment, airport transfers.
    Location-van, vans, trucks…
  • Catering:
    Catering service within any budget
  • Casting:
    camera-studio collaborates with the best Spanish modelling agencies.
    Models, extras, actors.
    We also offer our facilities to hold castings and provide casting services including photo shoot and the videoing of it.
  • Locations:
    Houses, beaches, deserts, islands, city spaces…
    Filming and photography permits
  • Professionals:
    Head of production, photographers, art directors, stylist, make up artist, digital technicians, runners, production assistants, gaffers
  • Art / set / scenery:
    Artistic direction and props.
    Production of all types of sets, furniture, props …
  • Events:
    Camera-studio is available for events, presentations, showrooms..
    Coordination and production of events



  • Post-production:
    Digital post-production of images, fashion, beauty, advertising and author. Colour management and printing preparation.
    We have specialised artists in all areas of creative production, retouching, colour management, pre printing.
    ISO certified colour test.
  • Inkjet, digital and offset printing
    Epson Stylus Pro 7900. Certified system of color tests.
    Printing art on papers hahnemuhle
    Extensive experience in preparing files for digital offset and traditional offset printing,
    printing tracking and printing.
    Layout and production of brochures and catalogs in any printing system.